Echoes from Beneath is NOT accepting new bands/releases at this time. An update will be made on the main page if this changes.



Shibboleth – Language of the Night MC(lim. 150 copies, 100 white, 50 silver)
Second album of heavy Black Metal from Victoria, B.C
$3 US wholesale



Altered Dead – s/t MC(lim. 100 copies w/ patch, 4 copies left)
First EP of dirtfilth Death Metal from Victoria, B.C, for fans of Autopsy, Death Breath, etc.)



Iskra – Ruins LP(North American pressing, lim. 1000 copies w/ 12″ 12-page booklet)

North American pressing of 3rd full-length LP. Co-released with Black Raven Records, Profane Existence, Nocturnal Reign, Doomed Society, War on Music
$10 US wholesale


Bureval Demo LP pic


Iskra – Bureval Demo LP(lim. 666 copies)

Official self-recorded, and formerly unreleased, “BUREVAL” demo! Fast, blazing metal in the style of Scandinavia, especially Swedish groups such as Marduk, and Dark Funeral, but also Immortal, and Mayhem. Lyrically the band continues with the anarchist project it has adhered to since the beginning in 2002. This time concentrating on history(especially Russian anarchist history; the Kronstadt rebellion, Stalinist concentration camps etc.), as well as considerations of power and the conditions in which we live today. This record was pressed specifically for the band’s 2013 European tour,  is limited to 666, and will not be pressed again! A must for anyone interested in DIY anarchist metal.
Re-released on vinyl w/ printed inner in 2013 by Echoes from Beneath, limited to 666 copies.
(Cat. #: Echoes-001)
$8 US wholesale

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